Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer proposes a Training Grant Program to support Alzheimer & related dementia’s research that transcends national boundaries.

  • Promote international collaboration in the field of Alzheimer & related dementias research
  • Provide training grants in basic, preclinical and clinical research for a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the Alzheimer’s disease & related dementias and / or promote effectively therapeutic strategies.
  • Encourage researchers working in France to become affiliated with foreign Universities and institutions, and by that play an important role in originating and pursuing novel, creative research
  • Encourage foreign researchers to work in a French laboratory on techniques which are not available in their laboratory of origin.
  • Training Grants are awarded for a period of 4 weeks to 3 months by Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer in the host country.
  • The length of time must be justified on the basis of need to perform experiments, or use facilities that are only available at the host institution.
  • Training Grants will only be awarded for one visit to the host laboratory and applicants can only apply once a year.
  • Training Grants are mainly meant for the PhD students, postdoctoral researchers & young clinicians whose ambition is to pursue their scientific career in the field of the Alzheimer’s disease & related dementias (basic, preclinical and clinical research).
  • The postdoctoral researchers are eligible until a maximum of ten (10) years after the completion of their PhD (except maternity or paternity leave).
  • The young clinicians ≤ 40y working on clinical research are eligible with an MD and publications as 1st or last author.
  • The French host laboratory must be affiliated with French Universities or institutions (EPST et EPSCP).

Training Grants will cover following expenses, with a total of € 5,000 maximum.

Travel expenses :

Round-trip travel expenses to the host institution (the shortest route, the most economical means of travel) for only one trip at the start and end of the Training Grant. Travel expenses must be estimated by a travel agency. A written estimate must be submitted with the application.

Train ticket : Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer will pay the cost of a return trip in the second class.

Plane ticket : Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer will pay the cost of a return trip in economy class.

The expenses of taxi / buses / rents of car are not support.

Living expenses :

A living allowance including accomodation costs is provided for the days spend in the host country. A contract or invoice for the accomodation should be presented. Payment will done based on actual cost.

The candidate has to find economic and suitable resources of accommodation (housing) taking into account their availability and their accessibility in the circumstances of moment.


Applications for Training Grants can be submitted at any time within three months before the start of the Training Grant. Notification will be one month after receipt at the organization.

Applications are reviewed by the scientific committee of Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer.


Please download, complete and sign the application form and join :

  • A letter of approval of the person in charge of thesis for the PhD students
  • A letter of the director of the laboratory or the person in charge of the project supporting the application for postdoral researchers & young clinicians
  • A letter of acceptance of the person in charge of the laboratory host
  • A cost estimate for the travel expenses and at least an estimation for the expenses of accommodation.

To send your application : Dr. Maï Panchal –

Make sure all your documents are complete before sending them !

Download my Application Form


In the month following the end of the stay, the candidate will return to Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer a progress report of his project (download the document below). Invoices for travel & accommodations expenses should be also provided.
International training grants are awarded to public universities and research institutions (EPST and EPSCP) only. Invoices are prerequisite for the payment of the grant.

Download my Progress Report